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 Athene's Theory of Everything (2011)

The film documents the research of Chiren Boumaza, also called Athene. Chiren has devoted himself to the study of quantum mechanics, relativity and neuroscience with the same dedication and out-of-the-box thinking that he has shown in his record-breaking achievements in online gaming. With amazing precision and knowledge of matter, he makes astonishing new connections that solve a huge number of modern problems in physics. If they turn out to be true, it will have not only practical but also profound philosophical consequences.


Part 1 Social Neuroscience

Part 2 Mirror Nylons and Consciousness

Part 3 God is in the neurons

Part 4 I am Athene


The grand scheme of things

Part 1 The de Broglie equations

Part 3 Theory of Everything

Part 2 Antimatter and Unperturbed Time




Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell (2012)

Cells are the basic building blocks of life, our brain, muscles, internal organs and all parts of our body are made of them. In the last decade, scientists have managed to do something that always seemed impossible - to look inside human cells. They were able to see some of the cells and how they interact with each other, but this beautiful inner microcosm is the scene of a constant war. This war started millions of years ago and is being fought in the body of each one of us, every day, every minute. Who will win? in this war, our bodies or the viruses?